About the Artist

Artist / Graphic Designer Jimmy Etherington has had a passion for drawing, sketching, and painting since he was a child growing up in Pittsburgh PA. He has a special passion for automotive art. Drawing hot rods, muscle cars, sports cars,... any kind of car has always been his specialty. He grew up in the 70s hanging out at the local Winkys Hamburger fast food joint, first on his bike and later with his friends in their first muscle cars. In school, he took advanced art classes and attended technical school for commercial art as a junior and senior in the late 80s. He was awarded a scholarship to Oakbridge Academy for Art which he attended for a year. He has since designed numerous logos, wall murals, and commissioned art work. In addition to automotive art, He enjoys illustrating science fiction, superheroes, caricatures and movie scenes in his style of blending traditional airbrush techniques with digital design. His passion for creating art is stronger than ever and it shows in his work. As lead creative designer for PGH-TEES, he is able to take his original designs or your custom ideas and bring them to life on apparel or art prints. If you would like to have an piece designed for you, reach out to us at sales@pgh-tees.com. Below is a example of how a design becomes a T-Shirt.